Before going on a vacation there are a few things that have to be organized. And as I’m the kind of person who loves to organize and prepare myself I jumped right in to it: I started reading everything about long term traveling, backpacking and tried to imagine every part of our upcoming trip to find out what we had to plan, organize and prepare. Sometimes I have to be careful not to plan to much. But Torben always saves me before I become crazy.

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At first there was a dream. A dream about being free without daily duties. Free like all those happy people on photos jumping over marvelous beaches or driving along a road in an old Bully–always with the sun on their faces.

Of course those commercial-like photos aren’t reality. But what kind of freedom reality would be possible for us, we wondered. One of us studying, the other a fulltime worker. We either didn’t want to halt university nor quit the job. Throwing away everything we worked for, Continue reading “THE PLAN”