At first there was a dream. A dream about being free without daily duties. Free like all those happy people on photos jumping over marvelous beaches or driving along a road in an old Bully–always with the sun on their faces.

Of course those commercial-like photos aren’t reality. But what kind of freedom reality would be possible for us, we wondered. One of us studying, the other a fulltime worker. We either didn’t want to halt university nor quit the job. Throwing away everything we worked for, packing a backpack and hop onto the next plane without thinking about the future wasn’t conceivable for us. So we had to come up with a plan. A good one–that would make it possible for us to come back and have jobs, a degree and even a place where to come back.

We realized we had to wait a little time to make our dream come true. The plan we thought of, meant that we had to wait until Torben would have had his Masters degree in IT. It is easier for him to go on vacation after his studies and not yet being employed. This offered me some time to ask my employer for a sabbatical and go through all formalities after it was granted! Yippie!!

So the time was set: Torbens studies would finish in October, my sabbatical would start in December and last for six months.

Next thing we had to think of was what we could do in those six months. Traveling the world? Staying at home with day trips? Going somewhere and stay there for the entire time? Suddenly everything was possible. The whole planet waited for us to be explored.

We were thinking about different ways to seize the most of our upcoming vacation. A round the world trip would be a little bit too much for six months and only one country wasn’t enough to satisfy our wanderlust. So staying in one place wouldn’t be acceptable either. After a while we decided to travel through a few countries. But not too many. Though we wanted to make new experiences but also relax and have some beach holidays in between.

But which countries? I guess, that was the hardest part of the whole plan. Europe? America? North or South? Southeast Asia? It’s said we could travel on a budget there. Or Australia maybe? A whole continent could be enough for six months. But Down Under is expensive, they say. We realized we had to check how much money we could spent while traveling. But Australia had caught us. And this small green country next to this big continent too: New Zealand. And though Southeast Asia is definitely attractive, we could’t avoid the hypnotic pull of those two countries. But there is another country we wanted to travel to: Japan.

Finally our plan was set: Six months, 3 countries, two newbie-travellers. The first two months will be spent in New Zealand, then three months in Australia and finally one month in Japan. As long as this Visa-thingy will work out….


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