Packing is a bit of a challenge. Six months, many different climate zones and just one backpack. Wise packing is a must.

There are millions of backpacking guides on the web. And with them come endless packing lists for all kinds of needs. For hiking, climbing, Europe in winter, south east Asia in summer, ladies packing, small backpack packing and so on. All of them have one message in common: pack less of what you think you might need.

But after reading them I realized I still didn’t know what to pack and more important I didn’t know if I had clothes that would work for outdoor traveling as well as for city tours. So I got my backpack out of the wardrobe and started packing. I remember Torben looking at me as if I had turned into something weird, but as I didn’t know how many things might fit into my backpack pre-packing seemed to be the best thing for for getting an overview. (A few weeks later Torben grabbed my backpack to pre-pack his things as well…;) )

In some packing lists it says to go on the onion look. In New Zealand for example it can be sunny and warm during summer, but also cold and rainy – especially in the south. As summer turns out to bequiet similar in Germany being prepared for the rain and cover up with a warm shirt and rain jacket seems the best. So a few t-shirts, some pairs of jeans, a fleece jacket, some sweaters, a rain jacket, waterproof shoes. Perfect. But wait, what was the weather to be like in Australia? Oh yeah, 40 degrees Celsius, no rain, no chilly times. Why should I take jeans? A fleece? Or more than one sweater? I probably would need nothing else than a t-shirt, some shorts and flip flops. So this means I have to carry clothes I probably won’t wear for some weeks. A fact I don’t really like and why wise packing and onion look are important. Two other facts are definite: gotta pack only my favorite clothes – because I’m gonna wear them over six months – and second: make Torben buy a really big backpack (mine has only 45+10 liters) for all that stuff I wanna carry but will probably never need.

I guess, I’m gonna update you through our vacation if we packed too much 😉