One of our highlights so far has been an invitation to a Persian Barbeque.
My aunt relayed us the contact of the brother of one of her friends, who lives in Auckland. She gave us the address of the shop he ownes and we met him, to deliver greetings. I feared this would end in an awkward talk because we didn’t know each other, yet developed in a nice and friendly chat. We departed with all the best wishes for our travel and the question if we would like to join a Persian Barbeque. Continue reading “PERSIAN BARBEQUE”



Our first tour we did was taking the ferry over to Waiheke Island. A small green hilly island which wasn’t that small in the end.

When we stepped off the ferry immediately we got on a bus for a guided tour around the island. We were told stories and facts about Waiheke and had some great views over several bays. The island is a perfect mixture of blue and green, hills and beaches. Blooming trees and flours, wineyards and fields of grass with sheep on them plus forests which looked like jungles. And from almost wherever you are you can see turquoise water and of course the big blue sky. Continue reading “WAIHEKE”


Landing in New Zealand was one of those things I wanted for so long and I couldn’t believe it’ll happen to me. So when we finally set foot on this island I couldn’t help but let a tear of happiness drop.

Entering New Zealand wasn’t as complicated as everyone told us before. They didn’t want to see any medical references from our doctors, didn’t want to see bank accounts or our return flight. They just let us pass. Obviously we look as uninteresting as possible. Continue reading “ARRIVAL”