There are multiple flight routes from Germany to New Zealand, all of them taking roughly 24 to 32 hours, depending on the amount and duration of stay overs at the airports. We took the route via Berlin – London Heathrow – Hongkong – Auckland with British Airways.

Berlin – Heathrow

Our first flight started in Berlin Tegel and ended in London Heathrow. We were already checked in, so that we could drop of our luggage and proceed directly to the security check. No problems found, we were allowed to board and start our journey. Besides the start, which was one of the roughest I’ve ever encountered, we had a nice and uneventful flight.

Heathrow – Hongkong
This was my very first long haul flight. 11 hours, 15 minutes. Before we started the trip I thought that 11 hours sitting still is easy, if you have something like a game or so. And in any case you have the in flight entertainment. But it turned out the entertainment wasn’t working in our row, so we couldn’t watch anything. The flight staff offered us another seat but we declined. We had been lucky with our seats because in our three seat row only the two of us were seated. Extra space for the win.

So we tried to manage to sleep (I failed) or play games on the laptop (I did it). But actually 11 hours without entertainment and only sitting is really hard.

Hongkong – Auckland

After four hours stay over in Hongkong we flew to our final destination Auckland. The last flight was booked as British Airways flight, but executed by Cathay Pacific. The flight also was nice and uneventful (and the entertainment system worked) but the plane was really crowded. Also we weren’t lucky with our seats: Because of the “booked as British Airways, executed by Cathay Pacific” we were not able to book specific seats for us. So this time we’ve been seated in the middle row, not at a window seat.

On the plus side, the staff was very friendly and the food also ok  And the board entertainment was good as well. Finally I could catch up with movies I wanted to see a long time, but didn’t find the time to: “Pride and Predjudice… And zombies” (7/10), “X-men: Apocalypse” (7/10) and “Star-Trek beyond” (also 7/10).


After roughly 31 hours finally we landed in Auckland. We’ve not slept but only napped ocassionally and had eaten only on-board food and our own care package food. So we were really not in a great mood. But seeing the stunning landscape (even from the airport) excused for a lot.

In hindsight we both agreed to pay the extra fee for better seating. On a British Airways flight this would be the “World Traveller +” which would give you the seating option of “2+3+2” seats per row, instead of “3+3+3” per row as we had. For a couple like us, the two seats would have been perfect.

Also bringing your own food was a good idea. Boiled eggs, power-bars and sandwiches worked well, packed cheese (baby bel) and cut pepper and cucumber worked also good, but only the first flight. Because the food wasn’t cooled and only in a bag the pieces went bad quite fast.


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  1. If there’s ever gonna be such a long flight we’ll split it with longer stay overs so we won’t get that exhausted again


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