Landing in New Zealand was one of those things I wanted for so long and I couldn’t believe it’ll happen to me. So when we finally set foot on this island I couldn’t help but let a tear of happiness drop.

Entering New Zealand wasn’t as complicated as everyone told us before. They didn’t want to see any medical references from our doctors, didn’t want to see bank accounts or our return flight. They just let us pass. Obviously we look as uninteresting as possible.

Auckland presented itself as one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. Small green hills with small beautiful houses and lots of parks and trees are traversed by bays of turquoise water with white boats on it. Above it all is an immense sky with all kinds of clouds or just wide and blue.

We’ve rented a room in one of the famous Grey Lynn city villas, owned by a sweet and gorgeous family. We have our own bathroom and place on the front porch. We couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately I’m still suffering from a flu which holds me back from doing as many things as we wanted. But small steps and it’ll all work out.

As we don’t have a car yet, we walk through Auckland most of the time. We also take the bus, but it’s nicer to walk. We’ve been to Ponsonby Rd, the harbor, the CBD and as a day trip to Waiheke Island.

Ponsonby Rd is a nice road with loads of cafes, restaurants, bars and boutiques. It’s a little bit like Berlin Friedrichshain–with one difference: There are quiet a lot of very expensive cars around here, like Tesla, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche. But we don’t really care as long as we can get good food and coffee. And this you can get here. On sunday we stumbled over a food market which was really nice. Beside Japanese, Spanish and modern food they also had a german bakery and lots of coffee sites.

The harbor is a place of elegance and wealth. Enormous yachts and sailboats line up like pearls on a necklace along the coastline. Expensive restaurants await the customers with white wine and oysters. If you walk a little further you’ll find Queenstreet with all kinds of shops–mostly the luxury ones like Prada and Louis Vitton. Skyscrapers of steel and glass complement an impression of a global city. But Auckland didn’t really feel like a world city to me. Maybe because of the high prices for everything you can feel how far away NZ is from everywhere. Or maybe it’s because most of the shops around here are found only in NZ and are a bit smaller with everything. Or maybe it’s because everybody is living in houses and not in apartments, so it’s like a village.

Nevertheless it’s nice and calm around here. The people are all very friendly and helpful. I would miss that in Berlin.



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    1. The beer all around NZ is very good. Seems there are as many craft breweries as wineries around. Even I started drinking beer!!


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