We had booked a trip with the Interislander ferry from Wellington to Picton. To save some money we took the ferry right after midnight, although we would miss the supposedly stunning view on entering the sound around Picton. What we did not miss was the rough see. The both of us got a bit sea sick (as did a greater part of the other travellers) and the crew walked around with sick bags and cold water. Luckily for us the weather calmed down later on.
Arriving in Picton in the midst of the night we found a camping ground at the Cloudy Bay near Blenheim and went to sleep. Continue reading “SOUTH ISLAND HERE WE COME”



After we had a rather calm Christmas, we wanted to spend New Years Eve in a more vibrant surrounding. So we decided to go to Wellington–the windy city!

When we arrived it was sunny, warm and without any wind! We didn’t expect that–or anything at all and jumped right into city life.

The waterfront with bars, a food market and parks is the place to be on a sunny day. Relaxed and perfectly dressed people were sitting close to a water basin, drinking local craft beer or NZs famous wines and enjoying the sun. And so did we. Global city life after only a few hours in this city and we were happy and had already forgotten Auckland. Compared to NZs biggest city Wellington is much more of a global city with cultural life and city flair. Breweries, cafés, shops for all kinds of things, lots of students and other young people who seemed to just have started their own business. The whole city was pulsing and full of energy. A feeling we had missed in Auckland. Continue reading “WELLINGTON”


Sunshine and sulfur – that is how Rotorua welcomed us. Due to volcanic activity in Rotorua you can find steaming hot springs, mud pools, even geysers and sulfurous gas that gives the city it’s eggy smell. We spent the night on a free campsite opposite of the Polynesian Spa which uses the hot sulphuric springs for their baths. What guests of the Spa love is what we hated after a night of smelling bad eggs and we left for a campground outside the city where no sulfurous springs were. Continue reading “ROTORUA”


The Coromandel Peninsula is said to be the most beautiful part of the North Island. I cannot tell if it is so, but what I’ve seen was stunning! Waiheke Island had flashed me. Ninety Mile Beach was impressive and Coromandel was just … beautiful.

We started in Thames, a small town with a history of Gold Miners. Checkerboard streets with the feeling of a middle USA town – we even saw men wearing Cowboy hats – a small campground behind a restaurant – which smelled of old fat – and mangrove forests at the coastline. But Thames turned out to be especially charming. The owners of the campground were very sweet people. We had a good chat with them and were given some „silver beet“ of their sons garden. We also had a good coffee in a small cafe and a nice beer in a bar. Continue reading “COROMANDEL PENINSULA”



On the 10. of December we finally got our camper van. This will be our home for the next seven weeks. It’s quite spacious and has some nifty features. The van is self contained, so we can camp on freedom camping grounds. Freedom camping grounds are designated areas for camping which lack sanitary facilities, so you need to take your waste water (and rubbish) with you back again.

For both of us it is the first time to drive on the left lane, and old reflexes sometimes still kick in (choosing the right lane when changing lane for example) but after some hours of driving it’s almost like normal. Continue reading “UP TO THE NORTH”