As we had to return our car (we called it Uma – Japanese for horse) in Brisbane we drove further north to reach it. On our way we stayed a night in Nambooca Heads. This small city has both: hills and beach. Our motel was located on one side of the hill so we had a good view over the city. Asked for a restaurant recommendation our motel manager recommended the V-Wall Restaurant near the breakwater of the city. The restaurant had really good fresh fish and a direct line of sight onto the waterways surrounding Nambooca Heads. But actually not the water but the breakwater is mentioned in travel guides. The breakwater consists of big natural stones, which are painted by tourists and locals and show greetings, condolences and farewells.

On our way further up we were in dire need of some cooling of. Luckily we passed by the Killen Falls. The Falls boast a 10 meter drop and are natural formed waterfalls with a surrounding open cave and a small lake. The lake is mostly shallow and has a rocky ground. But you can still swim there as well as sit directly next to the waterfall. You’ve probably seen some pictures of persons sitting in the water directly under the waterfall, maybe even meditating? Not with this one. The water crushes with so much force down, it actually hurts if the water hits you… It’s more of a “I sit next to the waterfall instead of under it”-waterfall.
When we drove further up north we reached Byron Bay. This city is most famous for its good surf and the big surfing community around here. And really when we arrived in the city, there were exceptionally many surfers around. We saw some really good restaurants and had for example one of the best burgers here (BayGer – Byron Bay). Also in Byron Bay we visited the Lighthouse from where we could look all over the bay.
After a short visit of an Aboriginal Museum in Tweed Heads, we drove further up to Gold Coast. We thought about staying here for a night but after arriving we realized that the city wasn’t that interesting to us. On the one hand the city is streaked by artificial canals so there is a lot of waterside real estate, which is nice. On the other hand almost every building (especially along the beach) is a hotel with at least 20 floors. So we decided not to stay in Gold Coast and drive on.
Because we still had several days until we had to return our car, we skipped Brisbane and drove up north. We decided to stay in a small city called Noosa. By pure accident we found a motel still open (it was after 5PM, so most of the Motels had closed the reception and we didn’t prebook anything…). We stayed in the Motel for some days to relax and to savor the weather (and to extensively use the pool). Noosa also has a nice little National Park through which we strolled. At one place in the national park we went for a swim and I started to realize why surfing is so big in Australia: At the beach the surf was so good, with the correct timing one could surf on the wave even without a board. I managed it twice to have the right timing and was fast, even violently hurled to the beach. This is genuine fun. On the other hand some waves crashed me right onto the stones in the shallow water and Tina lost her sunglasses twice because of the crushing waves. All in all great fun.
Noosa is a good place to relax some days. You have the National Park, several beaches for swimming and surfing as well as lots of restaurants and cafés. The river in Noosa is also very nice to sit at and to watch the sunset.
We would have stayed the remaining days in Noosa if it weren’t for a trip to Fraser Island we booked…