Actually we are in Japan for 79 days. And subtracting the days of arrival and leaving it’s „only“ 77 days we’ll spend here. But that are almost 80 days and our plan is to travel from Tokyo to Okinawa, it’s merely through all of Japan. We skip Hokkaido – it’s too cold – and Fukushima. We really wanted to go there, see the abandoned towns and find out how returned people live. But it is difficult: you need permissions which we can’t get and we don’t know anyone from that region we could ask for help. But nevertheless the parts we want to visit have a lot to offer: Traditions, Culture, temples and food. A country so rich of everything, it amazes us at every corner.

We start in Tokyo where we probably will see the famous cherry blossom. It’s predicted to be early this year, so we might be lucky to visit the famous Ueno Park for the blossom. Close to Tokyo is THE mountain: Fuji. When I visited Japan in 2008 I wasn’t able to see Mount Fuji, because it hid behind clouds. Maybe we’ll be lucky this year.

Where we’re going to go after Tokyo isn’t decided yet. Maybe Nagano or Nagoya. But then we’ll follow the route to Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Himeji, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Okinawa and whatever is in-between or beyond. The last two weeks are planned to be spend in Nara, where we’ll meet Torbens Sojutsu-Trainer and they are going to train with their teacher.

Months full of adventures are awaiting us: The Japanese are so different and so similar to us in the same time, we hardly speak the language but are learning constantly and not to mention the rules of behavior we try to learn as best as possible. But all of that is a wonderful experience we are so happy to make. So let’s find out, what will happen!


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